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<Last Attempt> (formerly known as Di Maiores), is a medium sized guild running one tight-knit 20-man raiding team. We are progressing into IG/PBB at a semi-casual pace, as everyone in the guild balances game time with real life. Please read through the following, and let us know if you think we'd be a good fit. We’d love to hear from you. 
We raid Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7-10pm server time, ending promptly on the hour. You are expected to come prepared with raid consumables and full charges, ready to go 15 minutes prior to raid start. We appreciate a forewarning if you will be unable to make it or know that you will be late.


    • Leave your ego and personal drama at the login screen. 
    • Have FUN!
    • We expect all members of our guild to treat each other and the community with respect. We might not be the most progressed guild on the server, but we strive to be known as the friendliest. People that are jerks to other people do not last long here.
    • We expect all raiding applicants to be appropriately geared for current endgame content. (GA, IG, PBB)
    • Our goal is to keep a roster of 25 full-time raiders. If the raid needs a certain role to be fulfilled, and you cannot fill this role, you may asked to be sit. If this offends you, we may not be the best place for you.


You are expected to have read up on progression fights. There will be links to strats posted in our forums. If there are questions on playing a new role or how to do a fight that is new to you, Ask; folks in the guild are friendly and more than willing to help you out.

While we may not require that you play a specific spec, we expect people to be able to fulfill multiple roles as needed. Versatility is key. If you intend on raiding, you are expected to have thorough knowledge of your class, and multiple top-tier specs\roles (with the knowledge to use them effectively) ready to go.

We use Mumble. You are expected to have a working mic when raiding.  Folks are frequently on and socializing outside of raid times, but we do try to keep the channel clear of chatter during raid times.


We use a Suicide Kings (SK) system of distributing loot. Players are put in an ordered list with new players getting added to the bottom.
When loot drops, players that want the item whisper the Loot Master, of those, the player nearest to the top of the list wins the loot but 'suicides' to the bottom of the list. Moving everyone that was below them up.

Players who are not currently in the raid but were available at raid time are unlocked and do move up the list. Players who are not on-line at raid time are locked and do not move up or down.
Guild News

Crucia down!

gsallen, Apr 30, 13 1:46 AM.
Down goes the Storm Queen!

After wiping with 427k left, we re-grouped and got her down.  Grats to everyone!

Twins down! On to Crucia!

gsallen, Mar 29, 13 10:42 PM.
One of these days we'll upload these sooner.

Kain down!

gsallen, Mar 5, 13 2:36 AM.
2/5 EE
Nice job everyone!

FT 2/4! That's right, two bosses in two days! Grats!

gsallen, Jan 17, 13 1:02 AM.

Gelidra down!

gsallen, Jan 15, 13 1:40 AM.
Let the 20-man progression begin!
Tier 1:  9/9

Grim Awakening 4/4

Plane Breaker Bastion 3/4

Infinity Gate 2/3

There are no upcoming events.
servers are down again massive update everyone they released the new souls and now downtime for another hour at least
need Dream Orbs? Talk to me.
Dreamweaving broke Rift! GJ Trion!!
So-and-so has logged on!